Tror du på horoskop, Olga?

  Ja, men bara om det är personligt och gjort av en seriös, erfaren och professionell astrolog. Som doktor Singh t.ex.

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January, 1:
    Cuba, Liberation Day Fidel Castro takes power in 1959 and Spanish rule ends 1899

January, 1:
    Haiti, Declaration of independence from France 1804

January, 1:
    Sudan, Independence Day from the UK and the Egyptian Republic 1956

January, 8:
    Northern Mariana Islands United States, Commonwealth Day the constitutional government takes office 1978

January, 17:
    Minorca Spain, Alfonso III of Aragon took the island from Muslims 1287

January, 26:
    Australia, Date of the founding of Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia 1788

January, 26:
    India, Republic within the British Commonwealth 1950. 15 August Independence from the British 1947

January, 31:
    Nauru, Independence from the Australia NZ and UK-administered UN trusteeship 1968

February, 4:
    Sri Lanka, Independence Day from the UK 1948 still under name of Ceylon

February, 6:
    New Zealand, Waitangi Day signing of the Treaty of Waitangi 1840

February, 7:
    Grenada, Independence from UK 1974

February, 11:
    Iran, Victory of Islamic Revolution

February, 11:
    Japan, National Foundation Day, Jimmu the first emperor is crowned in year 660 BC

February, 15:
    Serbia, Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule 1804. First constitution 1835

February, 16:
    Lithuania, Independence from Russia and Germany 1918. 6 July the Kingdom of Mindaugas 1253.

February, 17:

February, 17:
    Libya, The revoultion against El-Gazafi

February, 18:
    Gambia, Independence Day from the UK 1965

February, 18:
    Nepal, Martyr's Day 28 May Nepal a federal republic 2008 earlier the king's birthday

February, 23:

February, 23:
    Guyana, Republic Day also known as Mashramani republic 1970

February, 24:
    Estonia, Independence Day declaration of independence from the Russia 1918

February, 25:
    Kuwait, National Day. 26 February is Liberation Day from Iraq 1991

February, 27:
    Dominican Republic, independence from Haiti 1844 16 August Restoration Day independence from Spain 1865

February, 28:
    Andalusia Spain, Dia de Andalucia

March, 1:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dan nezavisnosti; Proclamation of independence from Yugoslavia in 1992

March, 1:
    Wales UK, St. David's Day

March, 2:
    Morocco, Independence from France 1956

March, 3:
    Bulgaria, Liberation Day autonomy within Ottoman Empire 1878

March, 6:
    Ghana, Independence Day from the UK 1957

March, 12:
    Mauritius, Independence Day independence from the UK 1968. Republic 1992

March, 15:
    Hungary, 1848 Revolution memorial day. 20 August St. Stephen's day. 23 October 1956 Revolution memorial

March, 17:
    Ireland, St. Patrick's Day

March, 17:
    Northern Ireland UK, St. Patrick's Day. 12 July Battle of the Boyne Day

March, 18:
    Aruba (NL), NL Flag Day. Autonomy within the Netherlands in 1948

March, 20:
    Tunisia, Declaration of independence from France 1956

March, 21:
    Kurdistan, Nawroz Kurdish New Year celebrated on the spring equinox

March, 21:
    Namibia, Independence Day from South African mandate 1990

March, 23:
    Pakistan, Resolution 1940. 14 August independence from British Indian Empire in 1947

March, 25:
    Greece, Independence from Ottoman Empire 1821. 28 October rejection of Italian ultimatum 1940

March, 26:
    Bangladesh, Independence from Pakistan in 1971. (16 December Victory Day for Liberation 1971)

March, 31:
    Malta, Freedom Day, withdrawal of British troops from Malta 1979

March, 31:
    United States Virgin Islands US, Transfer of the islands from Denmark to the United States 1917

April, 3:
    Guinea, Independence from France 1958 on 2 October

April, 4:
    Senegal, Independence from France 1960

April, 17:
    American Samoa, US Flag Day

April, 17:
    Syria, Evacuation Day from France 1946.

April, 18:
    Zimbabwe, Independence from the UK 1980

April, 23:
    Aragon Spain, St George's Day

April, 23:
    England United Kingdom, St George's Day patron saint of England not a bank holiday

April, 24:
    Vatican City, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as the 265th Pope 2005

April, 25:
    Italy, Partisans liberate Genoa Milan and Tourin from German troops in 1945 .

April, 27:
    Sierra Leone, Independence from the UK 1961

April, 27:
    South Africa, First democratic general election 1994

April, 27:
    Togo, Independence from the French-administered UN trusteeship 1960

April, 28:
    Sardinia Italy, Celebrating the Uprising of 1794

April, 30:
    Netherlands, Queen Juliana's birthday. 5 May Liberation Day from Nazi Germany in 1945

April, 30:
    Netherlands Antilles, Queen Juliana's birthday

May, 1:
    Marshall Islands, Constitution Day 1979

May, 3:
    Poland, S'wie;to Konstytucji 1791. 11 November Independence in 1918

May, 9:
    Alderney Guernsey (UK), Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945

May, 9:
    Guernsey and Dependencies British Islands, Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945

May, 9:
    Herm, Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945

May, 9:
    Jersey, Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945

May, 9:
    Sark Guernsey British Islands, Liberation Day

May, 14:
    Israel, Around, acording to Yom Ha'atzmaut proclamation of independence from the British 1948

May, 14:
    Paraguay, Independence from Spain in 1811

May, 17:
    Norway, Constitution Day the signing of the first Norwegian Constitution in Eidsvoll 1814

May, 20:
    Cameroon, National Day creation of a unitary state 1972

May, 20:
    East Timor, Independence from Indonesia in 2002

May, 22:
    Yemen, North and South Yemen are unified as the Republic of Yemen 1990

May, 24:
    Bermuda UK, Originally Queen Victoria's birthday

May, 24:
    Eritrea, Eritrean rebels enter the capital Asmara 1991; independence from Ethiopia 1993

May, 25:
    Argentina, First Patriotic Government. 9 July Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1816

May, 25:
    Jordan, Independence Day from the UK 1946

May, 26:
    Georgia, Day of First Republic declaration of independence from Russia 1918

May, 28:
    Armenia, Independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic 1918

May, 28:
    Azerbaijan, Republic Day independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic 1918

May, 28:
    Ethiopia, Downfall of the Derg Day the Derg regime is defeated 1991

May, 30:
    Anguilla (UK), Anguilla Day; the beginning of the Anguillian Revolution in 1967

June, 1:

June, 4:
    Tonga, Emancipation Day abolition of serfdom 1862 independence from the UK 1970

June, 5:
    Denmark, No official National Day. 5 June Constitution of 1849

June, 6:
    Sweden, Gustav Vasa is elected King of Sweden 1523 the constitutions of 1809 and 1974

June, 8:
    Norfolk Island Australia, Second settlement established everybody from the Pitcairn Islands

June, 10:
    Portugal, Nationan poet de Luis de Camoes dies in 1580

June, 12:
    Philippines, Independence from Spain in 1898

June, 12:
    Russian Federation - Russia, Law priority over Soviet Union

June, 14:
    Falkland Islands UK, Liberation Day the end of the Falklands War 1982

June, 17:
    Iceland, National Day founding of republic and dissolution of union with Denmark 1944

June, 18:
    Seychelles, National Day

June, 21:
    Greenland Denmark, Longest Day of the Year. Introduced 1983

June, 23:
    Luxembourg, the Monarch's birthday

June, 24:
    Québec Canada, National Holiday since 1977

June, 24:
    Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Feast of St. John The Baptist Patron Saint

June, 25:
    Croatia, Statehood Day declaration of independence from Yugoslavia 1991

June, 25:
    Mozambique, Independence from Portugal 1975

June, 25:
    Slovenia, Independence from Yugoslavia 1991

June, 26:
    Madagascar, Independence from France 1960

June, 27:
    Djibouti, Independence from France 1977

June, 30:
    Democratic Republic of Congo, Independence from Belgium in 1960

July, 1:
    British Virgin Islands UK,

July, 1:
    Burundi, Independence from Belgium in 1962

July, 1:
    Canada, First confederation of four provinces 1867

July, 1:
    Hong Kong, Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC 1997.

July, 1:
    Madeira Day, Autonomy from Portugal

July, 1:
    Rwanda, Independence from Belgium in 1962

July, 1:
    Somalia, Foundation of the Republic from Italy and the formation of Somali Republic 1960

July, 2:
    Curaçao Kingdom of the Netherlands, The first elected island council is instituted 1954

July, 3:
    Belarus, Independence Day (liberation of Minsk from German occupation 1944)

July, 4:
    United States, Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain 1776

July, 5:
    Isle of Man British Islands, Tynwald parliament annual meeting

July, 5:
    Venezuela, Independence from Spain 1811

July, 6:
    Comoros, Independence from France 1975

July, 6:
    Malawi, Independence Day from the UK 1964; and Republic Day 1966

July, 7:
    Solomon Islands, Independence Day from UK 1978

July, 9:
    Palau, Constitution Day the world's first nuclear-free constitution 1981;

July, 9:
    South Sudan, Independence Day from Sudan 2011

July, 10:
    Bahamas, Independence from the UK in 1973

July, 11:
    Mongolia, Independence from China 1921,

July, 12:
    Kiribati, Independence from the UK in 1979

July, 12:
    São Tomé and Príncipe, Independence from Portugal 1975

July, 13:
    Montenegro, Independence 1878. 21 May independence on the referendum in 2006

July, 14:
    France, Fête de la Fédération 14 July 1790

July, 14:
    French Guyana, Fête de la Fédération. 20 December Abolition of slavery day

July, 14:
    Guadeloupe France, Bastille Day 27 May Abolition of slavery day regional only[6]

July, 14:
    Martinique France, Bastille Day. 22 May Abolition of slavery day regional only[6]

July, 14:
    Mayotte France, Bastille Day

July, 14:
    New Caledonia France, Bastille Day

July, 14:
    Réunion France, Bastille Day

July, 14:
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon France, Bastille Day

July, 20:
    Colombia, Declaration of independence from Spain 1810

July, 21:
    Belgium, Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld first king of the Belgians in 1831

July, 21:
    Guam US, Liberation Day Americans landing 1944

July, 23:
    Egypt, Revolution 1952. 6 October Armed Forces Day the beginning of the October War 1973

July, 25:
    Puerto Rico, Constitution Day 1952.

July, 26:
    Liberia, Proclamation of the Republic: independence from the United States 1847

July, 28:
    Peru, Independence from Spain in 1821

July, 29:
    Faroe Islands, Ólavsøkam Saint Olaf's death in 1030: opening of the Løgting

July, 30:
    Vanuatu, Independence from the United Kingdom and France 1980

August, 1:
    Benin, Independence from France in 1960

August, 1:
    Switzerland, Alliance against the Holy Roman Empire 1291 between Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden

August, 4:
    Burkina Faso, change of name from Upper Volta in 1984 Independence from France in 1960 is 5 August

August, 4:
    Cook Islands, Self-government in free association with New Zealand 1965

August, 6:
    Bolivia, Proclamation of Republic independent from Spain in 1825

August, 7:
    Côte d'Ivoire, Independence from France 1960

August, 9:
    Singapore, Independence from Malaysia 1965

August, 10:
    Ecuador, Proclamation of independence from Spain 1809

August, 11:
    Balochistan Pakistan, Independence from India in 1947

August, 11:
    Chad, Independence from France 1960

August, 15:
    Liechtenstein, The Hereditary Prince becomes Regent 2004

August, 15:
    Republic of the Congo, Independence from France in 1960

August, 15:
    South Korea, Liberation from Japanese 1945 AND the birth of the South Korean state 1948

August, 17:
    Gabon, Independence from France 1960

August, 17:
    Indonesia, Proclamation of Independence day from Japan and the Netherlands 1945

August, 19:
    Afghanistan, Independence from UK control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919

August, 24:
    Ukraine, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991

August, 25:
    Uruguay, Independence from Portugal 1825

August, 27:
    Moldova, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991

August, 29:
    Slovakia, Uprising against Nazi Germany 1944. 1 September independence from Czechoslovakia 1993

August, 30:
    Tatarstan, Declaration of independence from the RSFSR 1990

August, 30:
    Turks and Caicos Islands UK, Constitution Day 1976

August, 31:
    Kyrgyzstan, Independence Day declaration of independence from the USSR in 1991

August, 31:
    Malaysia, Independence from the UK 1957. 16 September the formation of Malaysia

August, 31:
    Trinidad and Tobago, Independence Day from the UK 1962

September, 1:
    Uzbekistan, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991

September, 2:
    Transnistria, Independence from the Moldova 1990

September, 2:
    Vietnam, Independence from France and Japan 1945

September, 3:
    San Marino, Independence from the Roman Empire in year 301 traditional date

September, 6:
    Swaziland, Independence Day from the UK 1968

September, 7:
    Brazil, Dia da Independência de Portugal en 1822

September, 8:
    Andorra, Our Lady of Meritxell Day, patron saint of Andorra

September, 8:
    Macedonia, Independence from Yugoslavia 1991

September, 9:
    North Korea, declaration of a democratic people's republic 1948

September, 9:
    Tajikistan, Independence Day declaration of independence from the Soviet Union 1991

September, 10:
    Belize, Independence from the UK in 1981

September, 10:
    Gibraltar UK, People of Gibraltar vote to reject Spanish sovereignty or association 1967

September, 11:
    Catalonia Spain, Catalonia loses its independence and constitutions after the fall of Barcelona 1714

September, 12:
    Cape Verde,

September, 15:
    Costa Rica, Independence from Spain 1821

September, 15:
    El Salvador, Independence from Spain 1821

September, 15:
    Guatemala, Independence from Spain 1821

September, 15:
    Honduras, Independence from Kingdom of Spain 1821

September, 15:
    Nicaragua, Independence from Spain 1821

September, 16:
    Mexico, Grito de Dolores declaration of independence from Spain 1810

September, 16:
    Papua New Guinea, Independence from Australia in 1975

September, 18:
    Chile, The first Government Junta is created 1810

September, 19:
    St Kitts and Nevis, Independence from the UK 1983

September, 22:
    Mali, Independence from the Mali Federation 1960

September, 23:
    Saudi Arabia, Unification of the kingdoms Nejd and Hejaz 1932

September, 24:
    Guinea-Bissau, Declaration of independence from Portugal 1973

September, 30:
    Botswana, Independence from the UK in 1966

October, 1:
    Cyprus, Independence Day 1960

October, 1:
    Nigeria, Independence Day from UK 1960 and republic 1963. 29 May Democracy Day 1999

October, 1:
    People's Republic of China, Proclamation of People's Republic of China 1949

October, 1:
    Tuvalu, Independence from the Gilbert Islands Kiribati 1975 and the UK 1978

October, 3:
    Germany, German Unity Day unification of West Germany and East Germany 1990

October, 3:
    Iraq, Independence from UK 1932

October, 4:
    Lesotho, Independence from the UK 1966

October, 9:
    Uganda, Independence from the UK 1962

October, 10:
    Fiji, Fiji Day independence from UK 1970

October, 10:
    Republic of China, Anniversary of the Wuchang Uprising

October, 10:
    Republic of China, The Wuchang Uprising that led to founding of the Republic of China 1911

October, 12:
    Equatorial Guinea, Independence from Spain 1968

October, 12:
    Spain, Columbus discovery of America 1492

October, 19:

October, 24:
    Zambia, Independence from the UK 1964

October, 25:
    Basque Country Spain, Day of the Basque Country official from 2011

October, 25:
    Kazakhstan, Republic Day declared sovereign republic within the USSR 1990

October, 26:
    Austria, The Neutrality Constitution of 1955

October, 27:
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Independence Day from UK 1979

October, 27:
    Turkmenistan, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991

October, 28:
    Czech Republic, Independence from Austria-Hungary as Czechoslovakia 1918

October, 29:
    Turkey, Republican constitution 1923

November, 1:
    Algeria, Start of the War of Independence in 1954

November, 1:
    Antigua and Barbuda, Independence from the UK in 1981

November, 3:
    Dominica, Independence from the UK 1978 discovered by Christopher Columbus 1493

November, 3:
    Micronesia Federated States of, Independence Day from the US-administered UN Trusteeship 1979

November, 3:
    Panama, Separation Day declaration of independence from Colombia 1903

November, 9:
    Cambodia, Independence from France in 1953

November, 11:
    Angola, Independence from Portugal in 1975

November, 11:
    St. Maarten Kingdom of the Netherlands,

November, 15:

November, 15:
    Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Declaration of independence from the Cyprus 1983

November, 18:
    Latvia, Declaration of independence from Russia 1918

November, 18:
    Oman, Birthday of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said of Oman

November, 19:
    Monaco, The levée of Prince Albert II 2005

November, 22:
    Lebanon, Independence from France 1943. 25 May Liberation Day from Israel 2000

November, 25:
    Suriname, Independence Day from the Netherlands 1975

November, 28:
    Albania, Dita e Pavarësisë Declaration of independence from Ottoman rule in 1912

November, 28:
    Mauritania, Independence Day from France 1960

November, 30:
    Barbados, Independence Day from the UK in 1966

November, 30:
    Scotland UK, St. Andrew's Day

December, 1:
    Central African Republic, Autonomous territory within the French Community 1958

December, 1:
    Romania, Union Day unification with Transylvania 1918

December, 2:
    Laos, National Day people's republic declared 1975

December, 2:
    United Arab Emirates, Independence from the UK 1971

December, 3:
    Saba, Netherlands

December, 5:
    Thailand, birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej

December, 6:
    Finland, Independence Day declaration of independence from Russia 1917

December, 9:
    Tanzania, Independence Day 1961

December, 12:
    Kenya, Independence Day from the UK 1963;

December, 13:
    St Lucia, Independence from UK 1979. The saint's day

December, 15:
    Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom day signing of the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands 1954

December, 16:
    Bahrain, Accession Day for the late Amir Sh. Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa

December, 17:
    Bhutan, Ugyen Wangchuck elected hereditary king 1907

December, 18:
    Niger, Republic Day autonomous state within the French Community 1958

December, 18:
    Qatar, The assumption of power of Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed al-Thani in 1878

December, 20:
    Macau, Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC 1999.

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